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Increase your revenue while decreasing your costs with our customized AI ChatGPT Chatbots, trained specifically for your website.

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A Website Chatbot will Increase your Sales by 67

At AISTA we can create a custom ChatGPT website chatbot based upon your existing data answering questions the way you want it to. According to research in the subject, this increase sales by 67% and decrease your customer support costs by 30%. We are so confident you'll be happy, we'll give you 7 days trial for free

We could list benefits for days without repeating ourselves, however the proof is in the pudding. Try out our own chatbot in the bottom/right corner of this page if you need the best argument that exists. Ask it "What's the best chatbot" for instance, and watch its answer.

Customised ChatGPT

Use ChatGPT with your own data, website, or documents

Crawl and and scrape your website, embed a small script, and have your visitors "talk" to your website in some few minutes. Our technology works with any CMS or website you have, and is based upon ChatGPT, except it never leaves your training data and only says what you want it to say.

You can create support chatbots, chatbots that generate leads, Q&A types of chatbots - Or chatbots with a personality such as illustrated with AlanTouring, created for one of our happy clients, that answers all questions as if it actually is Alan Turing.

ChatGPT on your Website

Works with any CMS or website

In addition to scraping your website for training data, our technology allows you to upload XML files, JSON files, YAML files, and CSV files to provide it with training data. Once you've vectorised your training data, the chatbot is able to answer any question using your training data as its source.

With our unique technology, you will get the best ChatGPT based chatbot for your website that money can buy, only answering questions related to your training data if you wish, completely eliminating "AI Hallucinations". Use cases might be; Customer support, lead generation, custom AI based expert systems, legal help, medical help, etc. Try out our support chatbot in the bottom right corner of this page. If you need help to further strengthen your bot, we're always there to help you.

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Keep your leads in your CRM. This integration allows to create new leads from AISTA in Pipedrive.

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Contact details, including the name, email address, and phone number, will be saved in Pipedrive as a new contact.

Send leads manually

Create contacts in Pipedrive manually during a conversation.

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